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Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:54 pm by Keith Hastings

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Post by Keith Hastings on Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:54 pm

Three hours, forty-six minutes and about twelve seconds was the sum total of time the two young Sparks had been going on at different video-games that Tyler none so subtly had bought on his many outside runs without permission; but neither Marcia nor Joana had commented on them or tried to take them away and his dad would usually laugh when he caught the brunette with a new one in hand, so they supposed they could get away with a few more hours before either one of the adults came to stop them. Although his fellow older Spark was not one to engage on such childish antics, often enforcing training, chores or studying, something that Tyler found rather annoying, sharpening skills that they already mastered was pointless and so no match for those puppy dog eyes that Tyler had adopted from who knows where, to get his every whim and desire granted, and man was the guy not persuasive when he wanted to be.

So, Nicholas sat at the edge of Ty’s bed with his legs dangling to the side and a controller in one hand and the other stroking Lybi’s golden fur, his focus on the 36’ inch screen that showed his avatar hiding behind a pillar waiting for the imminent attack of the opposite team, who happened to be led by none other than the brunette Spark sitting on the ground with his back to the bed and the controller in his lap pushing buttons and mumbling under his breath in that hyperactive way that defined his every being followed by the chittering yowls of Adara as she nipped at his fingers when he failed or smiled smugly at the other daemon when they won.

Tyler was in the middle of a curse when the sound of the doorbell reverberated around the lonely Mansion with a sort of depressing melody. Nick and Lybi huffed when Ty dropped his controller with an excited yelp and sprung to his feet faster that they had ever seen him. In a blur of blue and gray, the teenager and fox were gone of the room with a very familiar cry of “Jake!”  followed by a new scowling yet pristine female voice that said
“Master Tyler, no running inside the house and the banister is not for sliding”

A giggle was all Tyler had to give as a reply, touching the end of the stairs with a bit of stumble on his step, but he righted himself fast enough to beat their house maiden and a unamused Leroy to the door and rip it open with a bright smile that almost split his face into two. Quite a contrast to the scowling angry face of one Jacob Lassiter, the oldest member of the group of young Blood Hunters that inhabited the Salem House of Light and thus the honorary older brother to the weird family that Tyler had created, despite many protest from everyone against the idea. Still that didn’t stop Jacob from been Ty’s favorite brother figure since the hunter and his dog became overprotective of the young Warlock and his daemon.

“Finally, you took ages to complete one tiny hunt” the Swift Fox mockingly scowled as she playfully ran between the Wolf-Dog legs. “We missed you Ellie!”

“Leave the gay act for when I’m not around. You guys are disgusting” Kayla grunted as she pushed pass the two males and into the Mansion, bag hefted over her left shoulder while Orlando trotted on beside her on the right. She wasn’t much of a family-player with the whole house, her past being less dark than theirs but it was for those reason that she turned the coldest of them all, to prove she could do the job without having to be directly affected by the supernatural. None of them ever took her seriously on her despondent comments and angry words. They just let her be.

“Master Jacob, Miss Elantra, welcome back” Leroy said as Joana took Jacob’s coat, she already had Kayla’s from when she stumble with the blood huntress before reaching the lobby.

“Thank you, Joana.” The hunter replied softly as he finally stepped inside letting Nicholas close the door behind him as Jake was busy trying to untangle the mass of legs and arms that was Tyler of his body. The boy was way too tactile for the Blood hunter’s likeness but he allowed it knowing that with their Den father, affection didn’t come normally and so, Tyler and Addy looked for it where they could, which was sadly not much places to look. Kayla and Lando were too stuck up on themselves to even interact with them outside of polite chats and training, Nick and Lybi were too reserved and calm to fulfill all of their wishes but they did an effort more so than the others, Jake and Elle were not one to cuddle, play or chat much but they did allow some exceptions with the young Spark and the Fox. After all, they all owed the witty, hyperactive and cunning boy in one way or another.

“So, did you do something cool while on Wisconsin?” Tyler asked as the six of them –Joana and Leroy disappeared as soon as the coats were taken care off- piled into the closest sitting room, the fire crackling in the chimney giving warmness to the whole place that soon relaxed the weary hunter and his dog companion.

“It was a hunt, guys, not a touring trip” replied Elle as she lay down at the feet of Jacob, Lybi lay parallel to her with a good two feet of distance between the two that allowed Adara to take up and snuggle against the side of the Alaskan Malamute while keeping an eye to the Basque Shepherd.

“You can still see some serious shit while hunting” Adara said matter-of-fact tilting her head to the side in a duh, kind of gesture ignoring the dull remark of Lybi on her language “Sides, been out has to be better than been here”

“Agreed” Tyler said sitting cross-legged on the couch, he too was sitting between Jacob and Nick, although his body was leaning closer to the British boy than their snarly companion. His right knee brushed against Jacob’s denim covered thigh and his hands hide on the pockets of his brilliant red hoodie as he spoke “Emmett hasn’t come in two weeks and Dad got out on a hunt two nights ago, Ethan and Minho had been gone for three days now too, is just Nicky, Libs, Hana, Eddy, Ady and me for a while and no offense to them but I was left with the party-poopers”

“Ty, besides you, there is no one in this house who acts like a five-year old troll all the time” Nick’s tone was matter of fact as he ruffled the hair of his younger partner earning a playful growl from the boy that was echoed by the fox at their feet. Tyler opened his mouth and started to list the reasons why his fellow Spark was wrong while the Fox forced the two dogs to leap to their feet and chase her around the living room in their own version of tag. Soon enough the atmosphere became relaxed and the three boys fall into their usual comfortable conversations.
Joana Greenwald [Ginnifer Goodwin] Cocker Spaniel
Nicholas Solace [Thomas Brodie-Sangster] Basque Shepherd
Jacob Lassiter [Tyler Hoechlin] Alaskan Malamute
Kayla Daringer [Zendaya] African Palm Civet

I'm paralyzed
Where are my feelings?
I no longer feel things I know I should
Where is the real me?
I'm lost and it kills me... inside
I'm paralyzed.

Keith Hastings

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